Special collection not only for men but also for women at Goosebery

Special collection not only for men but also for women at Goosebery - GOOSEBERY
The new collection for women has arrived at the Gooseberry online fashion store, which has created a wave in online shopping. Gooseberry comes from Kannur with clothes that travel with the weather and tastes of India at a time when Amazon and Mintra, the two big monopolies in the clothing business, are ruling the stage.
Gooseberry started by targeting men. There are many differen types of shopping sites for women, but exclusive stores for men are few. Gooseberry enters this category with the best quality and the latest trends. Accessories including t-shirts, shirts, trousers, belts, wallets and masks Products Available at Gooseberry. But now Gooseberry has introduced a new collection for women and made it a trendy spot to choose clothes for everyone in the family except children.
Gooseberry Online Fashion Store is headquartered in Payyanur Kannur. The production is headquartered in Tirupur, Bangalor and Delhi. The Gooseberry Fashion Store, which opened in 2016,currently sells clothing in India and the GCC. You can not only go online but also go directly to the gooseberry store and buy your favorite clothes. Gooseberry's new store is located at Aikha Boutique in Panampilly Nagar for Kochi residents.

Gooseberry has a diverse collection of clothing in a variety of colors, sizes and trends. The company not only allows you to shop on your own gooseberry shopping site but also offers a gift card for loved ones to share the gooseberry shopping experience. Available in many denominations, these gift cards can be gifted to our loved ones so that they too can buy clothes of their choice for the gift card amount.